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Definition Of Tile Adhesive

Ceramic tiles are used for a variety of purposes and conditions. Due to the array of substrates and subfloors you could find yourself working with, choosing the right adhesive is vital. Tile Adhesive is a ready-mix, dry powdered glue for thin-set laying of ceramic tiles, mosaics and facing tiles on walls and floors, for repairs and laying tiles over existing ones, for laying large-size stoneware tiles and natural stone slabs such as marble etc. Traditional chipping at the back side of marble slabs, which is uneconomical and time consuming, is not required, since our glue has better grip than ordinary cement mortar.


Applications Of Tile Adhesive

1. Fixing tiles on the walls, floors, swimming pools, etc.
2. Used to prevent crazing and shedding of tiles.
3. Used to prevent seeping of water underneath the tiles.
4. Various polymers such as acrylic, latex, epoxy, etc. are added for improving its adhesion properties
5. Bonding ceramic.
6. Glazed tiles.
7. Mosaic.
8. Marble.
9. Granite and stone tiles to concrete surfaces, for walls and floors, and for laying new tiles on old tiling.
10. It is suitable for internal and external use.


1. High adhesion
2. Water resistant
3. suitable resilience
4. Fast Setting
5. Impermeable against water
6. Acoustic Properties
7. Resistance against coldness and heat
8. Easy to clean off
9. Sticking for old tiles
10. High Coverage & Value
11. Low VOC

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