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Definition Of Residue Wax (Foots Oil)

Residue wax (also known as Foots Oil) is the oil extracted form Slack wax in the process of producing Paraffin wax. Foots Oil contains a high percentage of oil and, based on the oil content, can be found as a liquid or semi-solid in the room temperature. The oily nature of residue wax makes this product applicable as a lubricant in industrial environments.

Resides Wax (aka Foots Oil) is a by-product derived from Slack Wax. The greasy nature of Foots Oil along with relatively cheap price, have made this material a suitable substitute in industrial applications.


Application of Residue Wax (Foots Oil)

Foots oil is used in the following products:

adhesives and sealants, anti-freeze products, coating products, fillers, putties, plasters, modelling clay, finger paints, fertilisers, fuels, non-metal-surface treatment products, inks and toners, leather treatment products, lubricants and greases, plant protection products, polishes and waxes and textile treatment products and dyes.

Other release to the environment of this substance is likely to occur from: indoor use as processing aid, outdoor use as processing aid, indoor use in close systems with minimal release (e.g. cooling liquids in refrigerators, oil-based electric heaters) and outdoor use in close systems with minimal release (e.g. hydraulic liquids in automotive suspension, lubricants in motor oil and break fluids).

Packing of Residue Wax (Foots Oil)

Residue wax is packed in new steel drums commonly, but for decrease the cost we can use reconditioned or second hand drum instead of the new one. As the foots oil is not a cosmetic or pharma grade material such as petroleum jelly, we can use second hand drums for packing.

ISO tank and flexitank are not used for foots oil because it is a waxy material with 40 to 50% oil and also it is not economic to use these luxury packing for this wax.


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