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What Is Bitumen Roll Sheet?

Water proofing Bitumen Membrane Sheet Or Bitumen Roll Sheet Or Bitumen Roof Sheet (Here referred to as WPBS) is the best industrial outcome in the area of waterproofing ever attained by scientific and technological advancement.

These products enable us to prevent the adverse effects of rain and snow water penetration into structures from their foundation up to roof. Employing different polymers and synthetic fibers, WPBS pass through well-equipped labs to be amended for attaining resistance against, high and low temperatures, tearing tension, and penetration of water.


In addition to low weight and resistance against cold, heat, expansion and contraction, WPBS show high endurance being produced in two aluminum-covered and polyethylene film-covered versions. There two types of base products: single layered (nonwoven Spunbond polyester), and double layered (stringed fiber gloss tissue and 110 gr polyester) giving the product higher tensile strength against vibrations of the structure. WPBS is used in waterproofing of roofs, water canals, the foundation of tunnels, dams, pools, sloped surfaces, and the like.

Factors Affecting The Quality of Our Final Product

1.Using high quality raw materials through the use of standard MIL-STD-105E for sampling، Evaluation of contractors (SQL) monitoring and control are implemented using the system ISO 9001-2000.
2.The use of advanced machinery and fully automatic.
3.The use of skilled and experienced personnel in all stages of the production process.
4.Use modern methods to emulate the standards of the leading countries in this industry(UNI Italy – DIN Germany -ASTM America)
5.Scientific and very precise control and inspection systems using advanced statistical control (SQC) Laboratory quality control systems as a reference, the Standard center is approved.

Applications Of Bitumen Roll Sheet

Used in:
1.Flat and sloping roofs
2.Tunnels, dams
3.Building foundations
4.Pools, Balconies
5.Water Channels and Establishments
5.Industrial Pools

A bituminous waterproofing membrane is used for reinforced concrete roof waterproofing. This waterproofing membrane comes on site in the form of rolls manufactures and packed in the factory properly sealed.
The specifications and safety manuals of this membranes provided by manufacturer should be read before installation process. Fire safety and prevention is the most important while using this membrane.
All inflammable materials from roofs to be removed and good roofing practices should be followed.
The bituminous waterproofing membranes are unfolded on the site and laid firmly on surface with tar based adhesives using blowtorches. A layer of bituminous water proof membrane is laid over the structural roof which acts as a shield against the seepage of water onto the roof. Roof tiles & membrane is applied over the filler material laid to slope to pass the flow of water into drains. A proper slope is necessary to allow the water to flow steadily to drains. These membranes have 2 to 4 mm thick water proof materials. Membrane should be flexible with elongation 150 % to cover any small cracks, strong, chemical & UV resistant, flexible enough to take any shape over which it is laid.

Properties Of Bituminous Roll Sheet

Excellent overlapping and union seamless surface. Resistance against static punch and strikes. More economic product.

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