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Aluminum Grease Definition

Aluminum complex grease is a valuable multi-functional, multi-purpose product while no grease can truly be an “all-purpose” lubricant. Aluminum complex greases began to appear in the mid-1960s, and a number of patents were issued over the next several years covering various modifications. Most of the efforts were in the areas of improved water resistance and thermal and mechanical stability. These greases are easy to pump at low temperatures because of their relatively low soap content and higher oil content. The manufacturing of this type grease requires highly competent Grease Makers and sophisticated equipment.




Automobile Wheel Bearings 
Aluminum complex greases with special additives are widely used in wheel bearing lubricants for automotive equipment with disc brakes. Because of the higher temperatures generated, other wheel greases could fail in these bearings. The aluminum complex grease stays in place with a minimum of leakage.

Manufacturing and Assembly Plants
Aluminum complex greases have been used as machinery and parts lubricants, especially where very wet conditions prevail. They are also widely used as Food Grade greases.

Steel Mills
Extreme pressure versions of aluminum complex greases have been used to lubricate hot and cold rolling mills, hot roll tables and other high temperature applications. Its reversibility, or ability to retain consistency after repeated heating and cooling, is unique. These greases are easily handled in centralized systems and/or bulk storage. The high water resistance of aluminum complex grease is also very helpful in these applications. The water resistance reduces leakage and the amount of lubricant in discharge water.

Boat Trailers
Aluminum complex grease has been used successfully to grease trailer wheel bearings and hitches. The excellent water resistance makes this grease a “natural”.

Paper Mills
Lithium and anhydrous calcium greases have been tried on the wet and dry ends of the mill with limited success. Aluminum complex grease now lubricates both ends with no problems.

Rubber Industry
This lubricant is used to lubricate the Banbury mixers where they can be wet, hot and corrosive atmospheres.

Textile Industry
Aluminum complex grease can be used for almost every application requiring lubricating grease. It stays in the bearings and reduces spotting of the cloth. It is also claimed that aluminum complex grease will scour out of the cloth being processed.

Farming and Construction
Aluminum complex grease is used as a general purpose lubricant and a bearing grease. Properly inhibited, it protects equipment from rust.


  1. Excellent water resistance
  2. Respond well to additive treatment
  3. Excel in resistance to washing out of a bearing
  4. Unique advantages suited to elevated temperatures
  5. High dropping point
  6. Excel in resistance to being washed off a flat surface
  7. Low Lubricant consumption
  8. High ability to restructure after excursions that are above soap’s melting point.
  9. Good pump ability
  10. Economic formulation
  11. Low soap content
  12. Combines well with chemical extreme pressure (EP) agents
  13. Excellent surface adhesion
  14. Long shelf life
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