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Definition Of Rapid Curing Cutback Bitumen

Rapid Curing Cutback Bitumen is made by reducing the viscosity of and ordinary bitumen by adding mostly petroleum type solvent. Cutback Bitumen are used because their viscosity is lower than neat asphalt and can thus be used in low temperature applications. After a RC cutback is applied the solvent evaporates away and only the Bitumen is left. A RC cutback bitumen is said to cure as the petroleum solvent evaporates.

Rapid curing (RC) is a combination of light diluents of high volatility, generally in the gasoline or naphtha boiling point range (RC -30, RC-70, RC-250, RC-800, RC-3000), and asphalt cement.

Applications Of Rapid Curing Cutback Bitumen

RC Cutback bitumen are typically used as prime coats and tack coats. Generally Cutback Bitumen are divided into three groups depending on their volatility of the solvent added. The rapid-setting grades are designed to react quickly primarily for spray applications, such as bond / tack coats, aggregate chips seals, sand seals and similar surface treatments.

Safety Of Rapid Curing Cutback Bitumen

1.Refer to Safety Data sheets before use
2.Transport, use and store at the lowest temperature possible
3.Eliminate all potential ignition sources during application
4.Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid contact with skin
5.Always wear appropriate PPE including heat protection when used hot
6.DO NOT allow product or washings to enter stormwater or sewer systems

Packing Of Rapid Curing Cutback Bitumen

  • Bulk as IBC Tank, Flexi Tank
  • Reconditioned steel drums 220 lit., Net Weight: 191 ± 3 Kg
  • New steel drums 220 lit., Net Weight: 191 ± 3 Kg
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