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Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) CST 380.

HJ Oil is indeed a significant supplier of heavy fuel oil (HFO) CST 380.


Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) CST 380 refers to a specific grade of heavy fuel oil with a viscosity of 380 centistokes (cSt) at a specified temperature, often Around 50°C. Here are some key points about HFO CST 380:


Viscosity: The viscosity of HFO CST 380 is relatively high, indicating that it is thick and has a slower flow compared to lighter grades of fuel oil. This viscosity is important for its use in specific types of engines and boilers.


Marine Industry: HFO CST 380 is commonly used as marine fuel for large ships, including cargo vessels, tankers, and bulk carriers. It is stored in Onboard tanks and burned in marine diesel engines for propulsion.
Power Generation: In industrial settings, HFO CST 380 is used in boilers and turbines for power generation, especially in facilities that require Heavy-duty fuel for continuous operations.



Energy Density: HFO CST 380 has a high energy density, making it an efficient fuel for generating power and propelling large vessels.
Sulfur Content: Depending on regional regulations and refining processes, HFO CST 380 may have a higher sulfur content compared to lighter Fuels, which can impact emissions and environmental considerations.

Supply and Distribution:

HFO CST 380 is supplied by refineries and oil companies to various industries worldwide. Suppliers like HJ Oil play a crucial role in distributing this Fuel to customers in the marine, power generation, and industrial sectors.
Transportation and logistics are important factors in the supply chain of HFO CST 380, ensuring timely delivery to end-users.
Regulatory Compliance:

Environmental regulations, such as sulfur emission limits set by organizations like the International Maritime Organization (IMO), impact the use Of HFO CST 380. Compliance with these regulations often involves using technologies like exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) or switching To cleaner fuels.

Cost and Availability:

HFO CST 380 is typically less expensive compared to lighter fuels like marine gas oil (MGO) or marine diesel oil (MDO), making it economically Attractive for certain applications.
Its availability depends on factors such as refining capacity, market demand, and regional fuel specifications.
Overall, HFO CST 380 serves as a vital fuel source for marine vessels, power plants, and industrial facilities that require a heavy-duty fuel with specific viscosity and energy characteristics.


HJ Oil is a supplier of heavy fuel oil (HFO) CST 380. This means they provide this specific grade of fuel oil to customers, likely including marine Operators, power plants, and industrial facilities that require HFO CST 380 for their operations. If you have any questions or need further Information about HJ Oil's supply of HFO CST 380, feel free to ask!


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