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Granulated Gilsonite

Gilsonite is a valuable resource with a diameter of 30 to 40 meshes and ashes between zero and 25 percent. and has a wide variety of uses, including asphalt paving mixes and coatings; chemical components in metallurgical, adhesive, coat-ing, binder, ink, and paint products; and uses in metal foundry and oil well drilling and well completions. Even though significant amounts of the approximately 45-miIlion-short-ton original gilsonite resource have been mined, millions of tons of the resource still remain. 

This resource tends to be in the deeper parts of the veins and in thinner, more remote veins that will likely be more expensive to mine than veins mined in the past.Gilsonite mines are respectively the largest reserves in the United States, Canada, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela, China, Australia, Mexico, Albania and Philippines (USGS, 2007; USGS, 2016a).


The largest Gilsonite reserves in the world are located in Utah and Colorado states that have been estimated to contain the reserve of 45 million tons, according to the US Geological Survey (Pruitt, 1961; USGS, 2016a,b). Overall, about 65 percent of Gilsonite reserves are located in North American continent consist of the United States and Canada, and middle East accounts for about 15 percent of these reserves as the third largest natural bitumen reserve globally (USGS, 2007; USGS, 2016a).

Packing of Granulated Gilsonite

HJ OIL Co. with the full automatic progressive machinery for processing and packaging Gilsonite (Natural Bitumen or Natural Asphalt) in 3 separate production lines. Hence we have the honor to render our high services to our valued customers. These Products can be palletized, shrinked and wrapped according to customer’s request.

  • (25 kg ± 5%) multi-layer laminate bags.
  • (25 kg ± 5%) multi-layer paper bags.
  • (25 kg ± 5%) multi-layer Sacks.
  • (25 kg ± 5%) gunny bag.


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