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SBR-1712 Description

SBR-1712 is staining type cold SBR, extended with 27.5 part of highly aromatic oil. Provided that the compounds are formulated and processed correctly, the vulcanized SBR–1712 has very good abrasion, good electrical properties and good resistance to polar solvents and dilute acids .

SBR-1712 Applications

The SBR-1712 used for the production of tires, high quality technical rubber goods, moulded and extruded mechanical rubber goods and other industrial products where colour and staining are not decisive factors.


Typical data

Physical Properties Value Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Ash Content 1.5 WT.% Maximum Value ASTM D1416
Mooney Viscosity 42 – 52 MU ML1 + 4 at 100 ° C ASTM D1646
Mooney Viscosity 62 MU Maximum Value, ML1 + 4 at 100 ° C-Compounded ASTM D1646
Organic Acids 3.9 – 5.7 %   ASTM D1416
Soaps 0.5 % Maximum Value ASTM D1416
Styrene Content 22.5 – 24.5 %   ASTM D1416
Volatiles 0.75 % Maximum Value ASTM D1416
Mechanical Properties Value Unit Test Conditions Test Method
Tensile Elongation at Break 530 % Minimum Value, 35min cured ASTM D412
Tensile Modulus 7.73 – 10.67 MPa 300% Modulus, 35min cured ASTM D412
Tensile Strength at Break 19.6 MPa Minimum Value, 35min cured ASTM D412


• Dark brown Color
• High abrasion resistance
• Easy vulcanization and stable scorch properties
• Excellent process-ability compared to natural rubber


• 35 kg bales
• 30 bales per crate (1.05 MT)

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