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Bitumen Number 40 Definition

Bitumen number 40 is made by the extract of bitumen #60 and it is the very soft grade of oxidized asphalt that should be packed in the steel drum. It is flexible bitumen while the softening point is high. This type of asphalt is useful to use in road construction to keep the asphalt stable against hot season and movement.

Bitumen No. 40 Applications

1. Used For underground moisture, waterproofing works
2. Used For nuclear power engineering, pipeline engineering, bottom anticorrosion, asphalt production of the production
3. Used For waterproofing membrane, moisture-proof paper production, etc.
4. Used For Anti-corrosion paint and waterproof production
5. Used for road and bridge caulking use




Technical indicators 30
Penetration (25 ° C, 100 g, 5 s) / (0.1 mm) 10-35
The ductility (25 ° C, 5 cm / min) / cm is not less than 2.5
Softening point (ball method) / ℃ not less than 75
Solubility (trichloroethylene) /% is not less than 99.5
Evaporation loss (163 ° C, 5 h) /% no more than 1
After evaporation, the penetration ratio (25 ℃) /% is not less than 65
Flashpoint (open cup) / ℃ not less than 230
Brittle / ℃ report

Blown Asphalt No. 40 Packing

Hj Oil Co.. is manufacturer of bitumen #40 in various packing including kraft bag, meltable plastic bag, drum and bulk,it is made by hot air in a controlled process until the desired specification is reached.

The Bitumen #40 means softening point is 75°c and penetration is 10 desimillimiter and conforms to ASTM standard specifications.

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